Best Buy Deal: CDs Under $4

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Earlier this month, (Stock Quote: AMZN) promoted its new streaming music service by offering a bunch of MP3 albums for under $3.99 each that could then be stored for free in your own personal cloud storage account. Not to be outdone, Best Buy (Stock Quote: BBY) is now offering a bunch of CDs for under $3.99.

Yes, that’s CDs as in compact discs, which do indeed still exist. Most of the CDs on sale here are EPs with six songs or fewer, like Weezer’s Six Hits – featuring singles from the band’s self-titled debut up through 2005’s Make Believe – for just 99 cents. Even when the $1.69 shipping and handling charges are included, that’s still less than you’d pay if you bought the songs individually on iTunes. There are also some full-length albums, like Chinese Democracy from Guns N’ Roses for $1.99, either as a CD or a vinyl LP. (The album sells for $9.99 on iTunes.)

Not every album is currently in stock, though. Six Hits, for instance, is currently out of stock but can be purchased at some Best Buy stores. And aside from a few gems, most of the items on the list look like the usual bargain bin fare, which might be why Best Buy has put them in the online equivalent.

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