Wacky Deal: A Tattoo for 20% Off at Ecko

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – How far would you go to save a few bucks? Would you brand yourself with a retailer’s logo for life?

We’re guessing the answer is no. But retailer Marc Ecko is hoping you’ll reconsider. If you get one of the company’s logos – a choice between a rhinoceros silhouette and a stylized skull/scissors mashup – tattooed on your body, you can walk into any Ecko Unltd. or Marc Ecko Cut & Sew store for the rest of your life and get 20% off your purchase.

The promotion website offers printable logos to bring to your local tattoo shop, and says you can personalize the logo by adding color and scenery, so long as “the logo is intact.” So you could theoretically get a tattoo of a giant fire-breathing dragon which is inexplicably carrying a shopping bag from Ecko, or a mermaid who herself has an Ecko tattoo, because she is a bargain-hunting mermaid.

Anyway, it strikes us that this promotion (assuming it’s not an April Fool’s joke) isn’t such a great deal. It’s not as if the company never offers discounts – for instance, it’s currently offering 30% off your Shopecko.com purchase when you buy a pair of regularly-priced shorts and use the coupon code SHORTHAUL, and last we checked shorts are a lot cheaper and less permanent than a tattoo.

With that said, if you shop at Ecko’s bricks-and-mortar stores a lot and were thinking of getting a tattoo anyway, why not incorporate the company’s logo and become a lifetime saver?

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