Free Movie Ticket With Blu-Ray Purchase

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – In case you haven’t noticed, movie ticket prices are absolutely bonkers right now, and it’s not just 3-D movies. These days, seeing a non-matinee release at a major theater can run you upward of $12, and much more if it’s in the third dimension. As such, we’re always on the lookout for deals that take the sting out of the price of a movie ticket.

Today’s deal takes an innovative approach: Buy one of the 24 Blu-Ray movies listed on and you’ll get a voucher for a free ticket to go see the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles. The movie, which comes out on March 11, looks to be a cross between Independence Day and Black Hawk Down.

As for those 24 movies you have to choose from, it’s a generally solid list, especially if you’re into action (which I imagine you are, if you’re planning to see Battle: Los Angeles). There are some classics, like Ghostbusters, The Fifth Element and Air Force One, plus a few stinkers like The Da Vinci Code and 2012. The movies are priced between $10.99 and $14.99.

To get the deal, purchase one of the movies by March 15. When it ships you’ll be e-mailed a coupon code, which can then be entered on to get your gift certificate. The gift certificate is only good at participating theaters and can be used March 11-June 11 (roughly the theatrical run of the movie). To find out which theaters are participating in your area, enter both your ZIP code and coupon code at The only downside to this deal is that you won’t know for sure if there are participating theaters in your area until you make your purchase, so make sure to buy a movie that you really wanted anyway.

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