Droid App Helps Employees Play Hooky

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — With much of the country still stuck under snow and fighting off freezing temperatures, many Americans will likely choose to take a sick day from work in the coming weeks, whether or not they are really sick, simply to avoid the hassle of commuting.

If that sounds like you (don’t worry, we won’t rat you out), then you may want to download Skiver, an app released this month for Android phones that will soon be released for the iPhone and helps employees play hooky from work.

Simply enter in the number of days you’d like to call in sick for, and Skiver will come up with a list of ailments that typically last for that amount of time. Once you choose your malady, Skiver will provide you with a list of symptoms to make your cover story that much more believable. And if you’re worried you’ll somehow blow your cover, Skiver will provide you with a pre-drafted e-mail that you can send to your employer explaining your need for a sick day.

As the makers of the app shamelessly declare on their website, “Lying to your boss has never been this easy.”

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that someone would make this app: More than a quarter of employers believe they have been on the receiving end of fake excuses for a sick day according to one survey, and in some cases these excuses are particularly bad. At least one employee asked for a sick day by claiming his mother had been attacked by a chicken, and another employee said his finger was stuck in a bowling ball.

Skiver’s app would potentially take care of this problem, effectively automating the process of coming up with a reason for a sick day (although, let’s be honest, that takes some of the fun out of it.) But the app also goes one step farther and helps users brainstorm ideas for what to do with their sick day, once they’ve been granted one, by using Google Map data to find fun activities nearby.

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