Job Postings Up as Unemployment Drops

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — The number of job opportunities was up 7% in January from the year before, as the majority of private sector industries continue to boost hiring, according to the Monster Employment Index, which monitors job openings on several career sites, including

The mining and wholesale trade industries led the private sector in new job opportunities, increasing the number of job openings by 52% and 14% respectively, the index found. Other industries like transportation and information technology also saw growth of at least 10%, in a sign that hiring may increase across a wide range of professions.

"We're seeing positive year-over-year growth as economic recovery progresses at a measured pace," said Jesse Harriott, senior vice president at Monster Worldwide. "Private sector hiring, particularly in IT, business and healthcare occupations has been fueling growth, which is encouraging.”

According to the index, the growth in hiring potential can be seen across the country, as all 28 metropolitan areas monitored in the report experienced some positive growth year over year.

Still, some professions are lagging behind, as eight of the 20 industries monitored experienced no growth or actually posted fewer hiring opportunities last month. Some, like the accommodation and food services industry, experienced significant year-over-year declines (16%) largely as a result of a more robust holiday season, which in turn led to a more noticeable cooling off period in January.

The industry with the steepest year-over-year decline was public administration, which saw new job opportunities decrease by a whopping 21% year over year, as federal and local governments slowed their pace of job creation.

For all the new job postings to Monster and other career sites, the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high, with a net growth of just 36,000 jobs in January. Part of the reason for this, as we’ve reported before, is that new job openings do not always translate into new jobs, as many companies have the luxury to wait longer and be pickier about expanding their payrolls.

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