Barnes & Noble E-Book Sales Surpass Real Books

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – This may have been the year that e-books took over.

Just days after Amazon announced that its Kindle e-reader was its best-selling product , Barnes & Noble said that its own e-reader, the Nook, had become the company’s biggest best-seller ever. The line of e-readers was buoyed by sales of the latest model, the Nook Color – though like Amazon, it was vague on exact sales figures.

Most interestingly, the company also announced that sales of e-books on its website,, now exceed sales of print books. While the company again did not release exact sales figures, a press release touted the fact that more than 1 million Nook books were sold on Christmas day alone. Amazon similarly announced earlier this year that its digital book sales had exceeded sales of hardcover print books.

The announcement is likely meant to burnish Barnes & Noble’s credentials as a major player in the e-reader field, even as it trails behind rival Amazon. While the Nook has tried to play catch-up by offering both a color version (the Kindle is black-and-white) and book-sharing capabilities, one of those advantages took a hit Thursday when Amazon began offering Kindle readers the ability to share books with friends.

For every Nook or Kindle, there are several gadgets that never catch on with consumers. Check out our list of the biggest gadget flops of 2010.

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