Using Facebook to Get a Job

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Seeking to express her creativity and demonstrate to potential employers how her background would make her an asset, Leona Chu used targeted Facebook ads to show companies that she was interested in working for them.

Chu's strategy helped advance her career and she is now the advertising operations manager for Work4, a San Francisco-based recruiting software firm.

Instead of submitting hundreds of resumes through job boards and other websites, Chu and millions of other potential job seekers are reaching out to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn instead to continue their careers.

Searching for a job through social media has become more commonplace as more people are seeking new positions. Over half or 51% of employed workers are either actively seeking or open to a new job, according to a survey conducted by Jobvite, the San Francisco-based recruiting software company. Only 47% of people stay in jobs for over ten years while 35% change jobs at least every five years, the survey said.

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The survey showed that four in ten workers found their "favorite or best" job through personal connections, including 21% who used their social networks, 20% from online job boards, 19% from classified ads and 10% from recruiters. A majority of social job seekers or 76% found their current position through Facebook.

Chu's creative efforts to find a job through Facebook wound up being very successful, because the social media company allowed her to target people who are currently working at a specific company or even those with a certain job title and resulted in a "great channel for building conversation."

"If you are interested in working for a company, don't be afraid to show them how you can bring value to the company," she said. "Facebook ads have advance targeting capability. The campaign I did was very successful. I received a number of follow up emails from recruiters and also got scheduled for many interviews."

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