Top Ways to Find Secret Money in Your Budget

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Do you hate that feeling of writing down all of your expenses and then disovering, when you go to pay them, that you don't have enough money? Well, don't fret. Take a look at these places where you can find some money to help make your ends meet.

Take $100 from Groceries. I know that may sound impossible, because after all, you have to eat. But you don't have to spend as much as you do every month on food. For instance, stop buying in bulk, and you will cut down on your weekly grocery bill. Research by Supervalu, a grocer with 3,400 stores nationwide, found that people would rather buy ten items for $10 rather than five items for $5. You will not eat all those Cheerios this month. So, instead of buying ten boxes or ten rolls of toilet paper at one weekly trip, buy five and save those extra dollars for next month's budget. In short, buy what you need for the week or the month, vs. what you need for the quarter or the year. Budgeting is about discipline and consistency. Your goal is not to spend all the money just deposited from this week's paycheck on as much as you can get. So, plan it out and buy wisely.

Take $50 from Activities. Of course the gym has benefits. But you need some extra money, so you may want to cut out your gym membership and instead borrow a work out tape from the local library every week. You can also cut back on activity fees for your children. They don't have to play every sport, every season. Just sign them up for the ones that they request or the ones you can afford. Enrolment fees can range from $45 and up to register for sports or buy uniforms. Try it for one season at least.

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