Was Apple's Demolition of BlackBerry 'Click Bait' or Did It Actually Happen?

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- More than a few people chided my Monday article -- Apple Will Murder Microsoft and Bury It With BlackBerry's Corpse -- as "click bait" or "link bait."

With respect to folks who lament provocative article titles, I stand by something I said back in June 2013:

Truth be told, most people who complain about outrageous headlines don't actually have a problem with the outrageous headline. They just use the spectacle of the headline to project annoyance with an argument their psychological filters keep them from considering. So, ironically, they are are much more nefarious and suspect in their use of the headline than we are.

Because behind every one of my headlines predicting Apple (AAPL) will crush Microsoft (MSFT) with enterprise customers much the same way it did BlackBerry (BBRY), there's substance. There are legitimate thought trajectories you cannot ignore unless you operate in denial mode. Arguments like the one I have made repeatedly and, most recently, at the end of the above-linked article:

While the MSFT and RIM situations are certainly different in specifics, they're conceptually similar if not the same. These days consumer preference dictates enterprise decisions. If you're not powerfully out in front with the consumer, you're going to end up getting hurt in the enterprise. That's why it was smart for IBM to partner with Apple. Led by Apple, they'll bury Microsoft in the same grave BlackBerry cluelessly fell into.

Later this week and/or next I will dig into specifics with respect to how I think Apple will dismantle significant chunks of Microsoft's hold on business consumers. But first I want to direct you to a representative sample of comments made under Seeking Alpha articles I wrote in June 2011 as I was predicting and chronicling the death of the artist formerly known as RIM at the hands of Apple. We're seeing similar and, in some cases, the same feeble defenses made for Microsoft by the company's loyalists.

It's all part of what is now hindsight's version of writing on the wall documented here on Page Two ...

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