We Could Be Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks Away From a Huge Pandora Announcement

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- You may or may not recall an article I wrote about Pandora (P) in February. It was actually, in part, an article about an article. See the link for complete details, but long story short I exposed a shill piece Pandora co-founder and former Chief Strategy Officer Tim Westergren managed to get from the usually awesome Fast Company.

In it, Westergren touts the beauty and utility of Pandora's "artist dashboard." He hinted at a wide release this summer. The artist dashboard provides acts whose music gets played on Pandora with a nice breakdown of where its gets played and how listeners are sampling the music (e.g., what station are they listening to when they hear it). In the Fast Company article, Westergren somewhat elusively makes the artist dashboard seem fresh and new. In reality, Tim has been talking about this idea for what's coming up on a decade. And I saw the still-in beta product roughly two years ago at Pandora's Oakland headquarters.

So where is the artist dashboard? Is it really coming this summer? Of course, summer's not over, but this is summer. So, by my calculations, we should be hearing about this thing -- in a material way -- sometime soon. For the record, I contacted a Pandora spokesperson who told me what she has been telling me all year -- I have nothing to report on that front right now. And that's basically what Pandora has been saying with respect to doing something real and meaningful with data since I've been following the company. You can't blame spokespeople for the message they're forced to deliver; it's the cats in charge who aren't doing their jobs properly.

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