SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- RVs have long had a doddering, unhip and mostly unglamorous image in American pop culture -- think Randy Quaid's home on wheels in the classic Christmas Vacation, a creaking, rusty bucket of bolts that was an eyesore and punch line throughout the film.

The RV in the recently concluded Breaking Bad was an anonymous cube, perfect for hiding in plain sight for two meth makers. A full 25 years later in entertainment history, the RV is still a joke.

Harrison Ding and his firm, Global Caravan Technologies, are poised to forever change that image. 

They have developed the world's first carbon fiber RV (carbon fiber -- as in the material typically used to make race cars and yachts.) 

GCT's new RV prototype is quite possibly the most luxurious, technology-packed and sporty RV to be introduced to the public (at least since Bill Murray's heavily armed military recreational vehicle in Stripes). It's a cross between James Bond sleek and Diddy luxurious, and prices will top out at well more than $1 million.

Those willing to drop six figures get an RV with walk-through bathrooms outfitted like a luxury Manhattan apartment, including oversize shower, separate toilet and full-size washer and dryer.

The vehicles have plush, spacious lounges that comfortably sit seven to eight people on custom leather sofas. The lounges get one the vehicle's three folding smart TVs -- the others are outside so you can indulge in open-air entertaining and in the master bedroom (which also has a queen-size bed).

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