NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Rupert Murdoch and family are currently the world's 33rd most powerful people, according to Forbes, ahead of Kalifha bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the United Arab Emirates president, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, Kim Jong-un and Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan.

Murdoch is already the third wealthiest billionaire in the media industry with a fortune of $13.8 billion. He is behind David Thomson, the chairman of Thomson Reuters (TRI - Get Report), with a fortune of $24.1 billion and Anne Cox Chambers of Cox Enterprises with a fortune of $16.2 billion.

Few goals probably remain for a man with that much money. But then again, we're dealing with Rupert Murdoch, whose voracious appetite for all things media stretches back to the 1950s.

Murdoch now has his sights set on Time Warner  (TWX), having offered to pay $85 a share with investors assuming that Murdoch's 21st Century Fox  (FOXA) is poised to increase its bid, maybe to more than $100 a share. Time Warner is in play, whether CEO Jeff Bewkes like that or not.

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With this deal, Murdoch would become the king of media, if he isn't already.

Time Warner is already the fourth most profitable broadcasting and cable company in the world with annual net income of $3.6 billion. If Murdoch buys the entire company he would actually increase his wealth from the current $13.8 billion to $27.6 billion -- assuming the current market value of Fox increases from $74 billion to $148 billion in a decade and assuming he is still alive in 2024 when he will be 93 years young.

Keep in mind, The Walt Disney Company (DIS - Get Report) has a market cap of more than $147 billion and Comcast  (CMCSA - Get Report) has a market cap of more than $143 billion, which means it's possible to create a broadcasting and cable company with a market value of $148 billion.

If anybody can do it, it's Murdoch.

Why Stop at Reality?

But wait. What about Wayne Enterprises? Wayne Entrerprises is the 11th largest company in the world with annual revenue of $31.3 billion in 2007 according to Forbes. The CEO is Lucius Fox and the largest shareholder is Bruce Wayne, who last year occupied the No. 6 position in the Forbes Fictional 15 with a fortune of $9.2 billion.

The DC Universe was created only 79 years ago and it may be fictional, but I assure you, the annual profits generated by this company are very real and they are substantially large.

How much would you pay for the entire planet Krypton?

Superman Returns was directed by Brian Singer in 2006 with a massive budget of $204 million and eventually sold $391,081,192 in worldwide ticket sales and $81,799,199 in domestic DVD sales.

Man of Steel was directed by Zack Snyder in 2013 with an equally massive budget of $225 million and eventually sold $668,045,518 in worldwide ticket sales, $39,437,494 in domestic DVD sales and $60,691,214 in domestic Blu-Ray Disc sales.

It turns out Murdoch will get all of these fantasy companies and more if he lands Time Warner, the owner of Warner Bros. and, thus, these financially successful films. And there's more to come.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is being directed right now by Zack Snyder and it will be released in the United Kingdom April 29, 2016, and a few weeks later in the U.S.

Justice League is also being directed right now by Zack Snyder. Yes, he is directing both films at the same time. That is how he rolls.

In addition to profits in the theater, sales of Blu-Ray 3D discs and archival discs may well be larger than an entire DC Universe film's blockbuster budget.

If you have never heard the term "archival disc"  before, don't worry -- you will. Archival discs are not currently for sale, but you will be able to buy them at Wal-Mart (WMT - Get Report), Target (TGT - Get Report) and Costco (COST - Get Report) in a few months. Each disc can hold 300 GB and we already have all the specifications ready for a second generation of 500 GB and a third generation of 1 TB.

Thanks a lot, Sony (SNE - Get Report) and Panasonic (PCRFY). It's time to sell all your obsolete Blu-Ray Discs on eBay (EBAY - Get Report) and Amazon (AMZN - Get Report) and buy your entire film collection all over again.

All this means that Murdoch's empire may spread out into the realm of fantasy -- why not? -- but it will pay off, for him and for investors, in real dollars.

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