Cramer: Apple Wins Again

NEW YORK (Real Money) -- How big a deal is the Apple (AAPL)-IBM (IBM) deal? Wrong question. How smart is the Apple-IBM deal for Apple? Very.

I know IBM is rallying harder than Apple on its newfound affiliation with the best ecosystem in the world. That's all well and good, and perhaps Ginni Rometty can spin the earnings that are reported tomorrow with some Apple-infused excitement.

But, to me, this is all about IT -- meaning that the objections of the IT departments are finally being met from the ground up.

Intel Soars: What Wall Street Thinks

IBM, Apple Just Made an Historic Announcement

We all know what's been going on at companies in this country for years and years. Ingrained IT people have been reluctant to support Apple because Apple is a consumer company. They always want us to carry around many devices. They always plead that it is security that keeps the WINTEL system in place with its BlackBerry adjunct.

We are all sick of hearing it. We -- or if you are older, like me, our kids -- would not want to buy a WINTEL device unless someone put a gun to our heads, which is exactly what the Information Technology departments in almost all large companies have been doing for years and years.

IBM rebuts the objection. IBM is one of those shot-calling companies that shouldn't be calling the shots but just does. All of us have experienced, at one time or another, the brick wall that is IBM, which stands for: "You can't use Apple in this barren ecosystem."

Now IBM will stand for: "You have to retrain all of your people to support Apple, and we are no longer blessing the security issue against Apple."

Now, of course, the Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Dell (DELL), Blackberry (BBRY) nexus has always provided a healthy discount to anything Apple. The cost of a PC and a phone from any of those companies is pretty much nil. They just want in to be able to sell you value-added products.

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