EA Changes Video Game Landscape With Madden 15 Cinematogoraphy

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- EA's (EA) Madden 15 comes out on August 26th, and along with FIFA 15 hitting stores early this fall, EA should have a big quarter coming up. Shares for the Redwood City, California based game developer are up 57% for the year, compared to a 6.5% gain for the S&P 500.

The next chapter to the EA Sports Madden video game line is headed by Brian T. Murray, former filmmaker for NFL Films. TheStreet's Adam Leverone was able to speak with Murray:

Adam Leverone: On why Madden 15 could be the best Madden ever:

Brian Murray: Delivering a [generation] 4 game makes it the best Madden because it means you have the largest capacity for your graphics, lighting, animations, movement, presentation and telling stories within the game. So it's definitely the best for us.

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It's also my first video game. I'm a filmmaker so for the last 8 years, I was here in New York with NFL films making shows like Hardknocks on HBO and 30 for 30 [on ESPN] and "Uncle Drew" with Kyrie Irving. I was doing stuff like that and then I came down to take that cinematic background to the game.

Leverone: Coming from a history of sports film making, what changes did you bring to the new Madden?

Murray: For us it had to be the small things starting out first. You sit back and you watch the game: what are we doing right and what are we doing wrong? A lot of that was timing the pacing of flows. It wasn't that things were broken, it was more like where are we not thinking about the small stories we want to tell within the game. The first thing that I did was a game capture, and with my editing background, I took that capture, I put it into my computer and I sat down on Final Cut for hours and I edited it the way I wanted the game to look, feel and sound. Then I showed up and said, 'here's the target from our in-game, from what we have now.' Not touching lighting, graphics, gameplay, only how is it going to flow better, like a movie. I felt that was the best way for us to get past technical glitches and the way we were looking for flows and telling stories. That became our visual target for timing and pacing.

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