KKR Releases Environmental, Social, And Governance (ESG) Report Demonstrating Responsible Investment Is A Growing Part Of Value Creation

KKR released its  2013 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Citizenship report today, along with a new global private equity ESG policy. Now in its fourth edition, KKR’s ESG report outlines the Firm’s commitment to responsible investment and illustrates its progress in managing ESG factors throughout the private equity investment process by detailing a number of key initiatives. The private equity ESG policy codifies KKR’s responsible investment efforts to date, while also aiming to ensure a consistent global approach to managing ESG issues moving forward.

“Reporting on our ESG efforts each year is one way we are pushed to do more. In looking back and taking stock of where we’ve been, we are able to move forward more effectively,” said Ken Mehlman, Member and Global Head of Public Affairs. “In the past year, we have improved our ESG-related diligence processes, deepened the reach of our proactive programs, and formalized our approach to responsible investment by developing a new global private equity ESG policy. All of these activities are part of the foundation for our ever-increasing focus on responsible investment.”

The ESG policy applies to the Firm’s private equity business globally and builds on KKR’s previous public commitments to responsible investment. In 2009, KKR became a signatory of the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and endorsed the Private Equity Growth Capital Council Responsible Investment Guidelines. A copy of the global private equity ESG policy is available here.

“Our approach to responsible investment is designed to help our companies maximize their success and create long-term value,” said George Roberts, Co-CEO and Co-Chairman of KKR. “During the past six years, we have made a lot of progress integrating ESG considerations into our investments, but it has never been more important – or interesting – to be committed to this work.”

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