Germany vs. Brazil: Who Wins on Sex, Beer and Food?

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- It was an overwhelming win for Germany and an excruciating loss for Brazil in the World Cup semifinal match on Tuesday. The final score? 7-1; a bizarrely-high number of goals for a game infamous for so few. Merely 29 minutes into the first half, the soccer game was all but over with Germany having scored 5 against Brazil's zero.

So Germany beat Brazil when it comes to kicking balls into nets, but who wins in the more important (soccer fans, dispute) game of life?

Using science and stuff, TheStreet compared the two nations in several key metrics. Here are the ironclad results.

Best beer

Germany: Oettinger

Brazil: Skol

Win: Germany. If for nothing else, have you seen the portion sizes? Drinking beer from a tankard than a more sensible-sized glass is always preferable.

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