BURLINGTON, Mass., July 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MicroFinancial Incorporated (Nasdaq:MFI), a financial intermediary specializing in vendor-based leasing and finance programs today announced the launch of a significantly improved and feature packed website for its wholly owned subsidiary TimePayment Corporation, www.timepayment.com .

Extending their commitment to meeting the needs of small businesses and lessees nationwide, TimePayment has provided clear and simple click paths for each community of vendors, brokers and lessees that actively utilize the site for equipment funding. Within these paths users will find an expanded content library and resource center providing support for immediate and future equipment sales and purchase planning needs. And, these enhancements can now be viewed with ease on any desktop or mobile device, providing for complete access where ever TimePayment partners are located. 

"Delivering better access to our solutions, whether it is industry-specific content for our vendor partners, documents for our broker community, or improved lessee account management services is a critical initiative that will provide significant value to our entire online community," said Richard Latour, CEO and President of MicroFinancial, Inc. "The TimePayment customer base is increasingly looking to obtain information and support as quickly as possible; this update will allow us to expand our leadership role in the delivery of information and services to our nationwide community of equipment buyers and sellers."

For more information about TimePayment's financial services offerings for vendors, contact TimePayment at 877-868-3800, or eMail:  inbound@timepayment.com

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