Steiner said the sale will allow Waste Management to focus on trash collection and processing, servicing customers better and growing volumes as the economy improves.

When asked about America's tax policies, Steiner said Waste Management paid a hefty 44% in taxes this quarter. He said America has to pass comprehensive corporate tax reform if it ever expects to become competitive and have companies reinvest their foreign earnings back into America where they belong.

Finally, when asked about natural gas, Steiner said he encourages any company with a fleet of vehicles to convert to natural gas. He said customers love it, the planet loves it and the savings will flow right to your bottom line.

Cramer commended Steiner for being one of his "bankable" CEOs who is always looking out for shareholders. He said this stock is not done going higher.

One Crazy Chicken

Is the highly successful initial public offering of El Pollo Loco (LOCO) evidence that a top in the markets is close at hand? Not in the least, Cramer said.

After popping 60% on its first day of trading Friday, shares of El Pollo Loco continued surging another 43% Monday before finally giving up some of its gains in today's session. Cramer said that's because El Pollo's IPO was engineered as a sliver deal, purposely offering too few shares to ensure prices rose in the open market.

But that's not the only reason, Cramer continued. Compared to the recent GoPro (GPRO) IPO, El Pollo's surge is not all that different. Both companies are profitable, both companies have cult followings and both companies have lots of room to grow their business. In the case of El Pollo Loco, management estimates its 400 restaurants could ultimately balloon to 2,300 locations across the country.

Make no mistake, Cramer said, El Pollo is indeed speculative. But if the company is able to execute and become the next Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), perhaps its current valuation isn't that far-fetched after all.

Executive Decision: John Faraci

In his second "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer sat down with John Faraci, chairman and CEO of International Paper (IP), a stock that's delivered a 160% return since Cramer first recommended it in September 2009.

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