Joe Burton, CTO and executive vice president of Plantronics (NYSE:PLT), was recently named a WebRTC pioneer by the organizers of WebRTC Conference & Expo. WebRTC Pioneer Award recipients were selected based on their visionary contributions to the rapid growth of WebRTC, the browser-to-browser communications technology being used in innovative business applications for improved customer service and collaboration.

"One could argue that Plantronics has been in the business of 'WebRTC' long before there was a defined industry,” said Dave Rodriguez, president, TMC. “Under Joe Burton's leadership, Plantronics has been a pioneer in delivering communications devices and solutions that create seamless interaction over any network between people anywhere on the globe. On behalf of the entire WebRTC World and WebRTC Conference & Expo teams, I can say that no recipient was more deserving of this honor than Joe."

Burton’s innovations team, led by Cary Bran, vice president, Innovation and New Ventures, were the first to develop and release source code to integrate headset functionality for WebRTC environments, including call control and contextual data such as proximity and state information.

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