Intel Wins the Chip Battle vs. AMD Based on Technology Trends

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- In my last technology dividend piece I focused on AT&T (T) and Intel (INTC). Each Intel article elicits my Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) opinion from readers.

Repeatedly I have stated investors with long-term holdings want a portion of their portfolio in Intel. It's a general purpose stock; it pays a dividend for yield seekers, it's high-tech for gadget lovers, and it faithfully executes quarter after quarter.

In other words, Intel is the Yellow Labrador Retriever in the stock market.

INTC Chart

For some, owning Intel isn't as sexy as Twitter (TWTR) or Tesla (TSLA), but from my desk making money never goes out of style. Advanced Micro Devices, on the other hand, produces excellent products and depending on use and application, superior to the comparable Intel offering.

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I have firsthand knowledge of the differences between Intel and AMD processors. I've sold thousands of them and dollar-for-dollar I know for most applications, AMD processors are a better value. But therein lies the problem and the difference between AMD the company and AMD the stock.

Intel enjoys greater pricing power. All else being equal, Intel processors carry a higher selling price. Intel chips are considered superior, and investors don't need to look further than the stock price to figure it out.

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