How to Make Your Own Part-Time Job

By Sophia Bera

NEW YORK (AdviceIQ) -- Do you work a full-time job and still can't take care of all those bills every month? Maybe you manage to pay your bills but have nothing left over for savings and investments? Maybe you need a side hustle -- the newer name for the good old odd job or part-time gig.

You can do all kinds of creative, fun and interesting part-time work and earn anywhere from a hundred to an extra thousand dollars each month. With that in your pocket you can accelerate your debt repayments, give yourself breathing room until you earn your next raise or boost your retirement contributions and increase the amount you invest every month.

You build wealth in two main ways: You earn more, and you save and invest more. Many people find saving and investing difficult at a certain point. After all, you can only trim so much from your budget and eliminate so many expenses.

In theory, earning more is a limitless way to build wealth.

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Where to start. Consider what you're good at, your skills or what you know a little more about than the average person. Then marry that with how people need help that they'll pay for.

Some questions to spur ideas:

  • Love animals? Start pet-sitting or dog walking (or if a fan of kids you can always babysit). Check out for people who need various sorts of caregivers.
  • Enjoy sharing your knowledge? Tutor students (get started on or WyzAnt), create a how-to e-book or teach classes in your community.
  • Prefer outdoor work? Set up a mobile car-washing biz or do landscaping and lawn care.
  • Have a specialized skill? Offer services as a freelancer or consultant. Set up profiles on such sites as OdeskElance and freelancer to grab your first few gigs. Then branch out and establish your own website.

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