Ryland Homes in Las Vegas is honored to announce that it has received the ENERGY STAR ® Certified Homes Market Leader Award for its commitment to energy-efficient construction and diligence in protecting the environment. The award, formerly called the Leadership in Housing Award, recognizes organizations’ work in promoting energy efficient construction and helping homebuyers to experience the peace of mind, quality, comfort and value that come with every ENERGY STAR ® Certified home.

In 2013, Ryland Homes in Las Vegas built 403 ENERGY STAR ® Certified new homes, saving homeowners $120,900 on monthly utility bills. This astonishing accomplishment is the equivalent to eliminating emissions from 143 vehicles, saving 731,445 lbs. of coal, or planting 564 acres of new trees, and has led to Ryland Homes being recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a 2014 Market Leader.

Each new Ryland home in Las Vegas is built with the environment in mind. Ryland’s HouseWorks ® program ensures the use of energy-efficient materials and features like low-E windows, ENERGY STAR ® appliances, low VOC paint and more, meaning lower energy consumption. With HouseWorks ®, a new Ryland home works to preserve the environment, conserve energy and provide more comfort. Ryland's thoughtful planning of neighborhoods and efficiently designed homes help save on monthly utility bills and the Earth's resources.

Ryland Homes also uses the HERS ® Index ( Home Energy Rating System). The 2006 International Energy Conservation Code is the standard used to measure energy used by a home. The less energy exerted means a lower HERS index score. Homes that give off more energy receive a higher score on the 0 to 150 scale. While a typical existing home can score around 130, most brand-new Ryland homes score between 85 and 60. That translates to big savings for homeowners, especially in Las Vegas’ sunny climate.

Ryland Homes offer fresh new floorplans, innovative features, bold designs and family-friendly amenities that make any of Ryland’s Las Vegas communities the perfect place to call home for every lifestyle. Whether it’s a convenient condominium, a spacious townhome or a luxurious single-family home, Ryland Homes has something for everyone.

Since 1967, Ryland Homes has been committed to building high quality, energy-efficient new homes. Today, rooted in its national strength, local focus and unwavering commitment to the customer, Ryland proudly builds in 17 states across the country. For more information about Ryland Homes visit www.Ryland.com.

For more information on new Ryland homes in Las Vegas, please contact Diane Morrison, National Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at dmorriso@ryland.com.

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