Here's Why Tickets to Baseball's Best, the A's, Are a Steal

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- By just about any metric you can think of the Oakland Athletics have been the best team in baseball. Not only is the team's 47-29 record the best in Major League Baseball, but also they've scored the most runs and given up the fewest.

The A's easily lead the American League in Baseball Reference's Simple Rating System (SRS), more than doubling the next-best figure. Yet, despite all these accolades, the A?s still have one of the cheapest tickets in the league at an average price of $68.21, according to TiqIQ.

Baseball Reference describes SRS as the number of runs per game a team is better than an average team. The site uses run differential and strength of schedule to determine each team's figure, and the A's received a 1.8 rating. The Los Angeles Angels are the next best team at 0.7.

Overall, the league average ticket price on the secondary market in the MLB this year is $80.18. So if we want to use SRS determine the best value, this year an average price of $80.18 should equal an SRS of 0. By that same logic Oakland Athletics tickets could average $224.50 and still be of equal value [$80.18 + ($80.18 x 1.8)]. That means the A's could have the most expensive tickets in the league by far and still be a fair value.

By contrast, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees tickets are easily the two most expensive ticket averages at $142.17 and $142.60, respectively. Even though they do not have similar win-loss records, both teams also have an SRS of -0.2, meaning a fair value for tickets would be $64.14.

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