Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Put on the Brakes

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Stop, wait and don't rush to buy on the weakness created by today's airline tragedy, Jim Cramer warned his Mad Money viewers Thursday. Cramer said patience is warranted in situations like these as we simply don't know any of the facts.

Cramer called the downing of a Malaysian airliner a tragedy and a horrible loss of life, adding that those who would buy stocks on the market's weakness are premature.

Cramer said he's often advocated buying stocks on global induced weakness but this case is different. First, he said the markets are only down fractionally; more important, we simply don't know the facts. The markets will respond differently to a terrible mistake versus an act of terrorism, he warned.

In order to effectively buy into weakness, you need to have conviction. With today's news, investors are likely to continue taking profits Friday as they fear what might happen over the weekend. Add to that increased tensions in Israel and plummeting interest rates and there's simply too many questions to have any certainty at all.

The markets will take a few days to digest today's news and the general uncertainty going into the weekend, Cramer concluded. Until then, the bias will be to continue taking profits, so investors need to remain cautious.

Stay the Course

Why don't investors like this market? Maybe it's because everything you've learned about stocks just isn't making you any money right now. Cramer said the markets have so many cross-currents running through them at the moment and the tried-and-true fundamental analysis just isn't working anymore.

Why are interest rates so low even though the economy is improving every quarter? How can auto sales be strong but earnings at AutoNation (AN) be so bad that shares fell 8%? How can the transports be up so much even though oil is still over $100 a barrel? Cramer said questions like these do indeed make investing for the home gamer a challenge.

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