What Rich People Do to Their Feet for Summer 2014

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- Pricey, indulgent beauty treatments aimed at banishing wrinkles and turning back time are nothing new in the luxury beauty business.

But how about applying those same glycolic peels, power scrubs and raspberry masks to your feet to make them look younger also?

Many of us have yet to invest substantial sums of money on the anti-aging of our feet, but we may just be behind the curve. Spas across the country are offering an ever-expanding list of treatments for the image conscious who consider anti-aging a total body experience.

"I definitely think that it's one of those things people don't think about as much, but it's very, very important. Good-looking feet are very important," says Abril Gruber, spa director at San Diego's uber luxurious Rancho Valencia.

"It's a huge trend," she adds. "A lot of people think it's more of a perk, for women. But I also think it's part of a lifestyle and a grooming standard."

If you're still not sold, think of it this way: It's summertime, the time of year it makes the most sense to ensure you look your best from head ... to toe.

Here's a list of a few luxe pedicures around the country that are worth the price tag.

Jade & Ginseng Anti-Aging Pedicure, Rancho Valencia, San Diego
This treatment is all about giving your feet a well-deserved rest. For $140, your feet (as well as your hands) will be treated to soaks, scrubs, sprays and creams that hydrate, repair and detoxify.

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The treatment uses a product line made from herbs and developed based largely on Eastern medicine, Gruber says. The pedicure also involves exfoliation with a Clarisonic sonic cleanser -- another pricey ant-aging tool most well known for facial use.

"The same type of time and effort should be able to be taken with your feet," Gruber says. "It's an important part of the body. That's where you have special pressure points and where stress falls. That's why this pedicure involves more detoxifying and anti-aging products. It works with the exterior, but is also very penetrating."

Raspberry Lemon Cilantro Sorbet Pedicure, The Woodhouse Day Spas, nationwide
This special pedicure preps nails for summer with a dip in sparkling citrus-cilantro oil that softens skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Next, an invigorating exfoliation with a raspberry sugar scrub strips feet of scaly spots. The pedicure is finished with a citrus-scented shea butter massage and a polish.

"When you think about it from a whole body experience, the feet take the biggest beating," says Linda Torrey, director of education for Woodhouse Day Spas. "It's really important to nurture them with phenomenal ingredients. We also do a hot stone massage as part of this pedicure, which is very relaxing, over a citrus-scented shea butter, which adds more hydration to the feet, especially after the winter when there are a lot of challenges with cracked heels and feet have gotten quite a bit of abuse. And going into summer we want our feet to look awesome in sandals."

The Power Pedicure, Julien Farel Salon & Spa, New York City
A key highlight of the trademarked Power Beauty menu at the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa is the Power Pedicure, which takes pedicures to the next level.

For $110 your feet are coated with glycolic acid and taurine. (Those familiar with the beauty industry will know that glycolic acid has long been used for facials. But now feet are able to get the same level of deep exfoliation and resurfacing.) A post-peel treatment seals and moisturizes the feet to keep them soft and smooth.

"This pedicure really helps the anti-aging of feet. You can see beautiful results," says the spa's nail technician, Irina Krasovskaya.

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Peninsula Paradise Spa Pedicure, Hilton, Orlando, Fla.
This pedicure rejuvenates feet with a luxurious, marine-inspired facial ... for the feet. The $80 indulgence features a four-step exfoliation process of beach sand, quartz crystals, sea salt and alpha-hydroxy acid followed by a revitalizing marine algae foot masque to relieve dry, cracked heels. It finishes with a pampering foot and calf massage, nail polish or buffed shine.

Farmhouse Fresh Honey Lavender Pedicure, Mirbeau Inn & Spa, Skaneateles, N.Y.
This foot renewal starts with a soak in an antioxidant-rich magnolia flower-honey infusion. Those in pursuit of all things anti-aging know antioxidants help keep skin looking young and fabulous, and studies have linked them to fewer wrinkles.

Next, raw honey-lavender sea salt and rice bran oil exfoliator are smoothed onto the legs and feet. The grand finale is a creamy shea butter massage includes mint julep and lavender notes.

The cost of treating your feet to honey, lavender and magnolia flower infusions at Mirbeau is $75 during the week and $85 on the weekend.

Swarovski "Iced" Pedicure at The Spa at The Modern, Hawaii
This pedicure has little to do with anti-aging and everything to do with simply feeling fabulous, which is why it earned a spot on the list. It will likely be one of the most indulgent pedicures of your life. For $250, this treatment covers each toenail with a layer of individually applied genuine Swarovski crystals ranging in size from one to two millimeters.

"The whole nail bed sparkles," says Dana Amen, spa supervisor, who estimates that nine out of 10 women who come into the spa want over-the-top nails.

Rest assured, this pedicure is not only about bling. Your feet are also massaged and exfoliated to perfection with a warmed sugar scrub that includes natural mandarin, walnut and oat kernel.

One last note: This pedicure is for those truly in the know. It is not on the spa's menu. You have to call and request it.

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