Cramer: Tired of Taking Tesla Heat

NEW YORK ( Real Money) -- Took some heat yesterday on Twitter about how I had called the bottom in Tesla's ( TSLA) stock when I referred to Anton Wahlman's piece talking about how BMW might be starting to crowd Tesla's turf. You know, the usual chatter about so and so knows better than me or that I'm no good because I pointed out the risk to Tesla's stock.

Welcome to the beat-up-Jim-Cramer-because-we-know-he-actually-reads-his-tweets club. 

You know what? I am sick of it. Sick of the whole idea that somehow, after getting people in for 150 points and for people thanking me for putting them in Tesla -- they put themselves in, for the record, but they credit me -- I have to listen to these knaves and mountebanks tell me that I don't know what I am doing with Tesla.

Now, I am not going to trash individuals who go after me, in part because I don't have the time, but in part because they don't even deserve ignominious recognition.

After the run we have had, after all of the points I stayed bullish about even when almost everyone wavered, I don't want those gains given back.

What have we learned since the top of the Nasdaq in the first week of March? I think we've learned that there are plenty of ways, legitimate, terrific ways to make money in stocks that are valued reasonably. We don't have to own the stocks that are valued only on revenues or some arcane metric that only works for that industry.

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