NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- With the 2014 FIFA World Cup underway Thursday with host nation Brazil taking on fellow group A member Croatia, anticipation was at an all time high.

The World Cup only comes about every four years, and previous estimations before the tournament started would be that all World Cup tickets would be very high in price, most of which in the thousands of dollars range.

But that's not what happened.

Contrary to popular belief, there are still many ticket options available for an affordable price. Tickets still remain because of tough stadium locations, which make it very difficult to travel the long distances to each game.

Although most of the high-profile games featuring the top teams in the world are sold out, there are still tickets available through FIFA for as many as 15 matches. For the World Cup, there are fewer than 300 secondary market tickets available for those games still available, according to TiqIQ. On the secondary market, the average ticket price in the opening round is $558. That average is slightly skewed by the high averages for matches like Brazil vs. Mexico, which currently has an average price of $1,266.97.

The cheapest game in the World Cup, Uruguay vs. Costa Rica, currently has an average ticket price of $78, though there are only 63 tickets left to that game. Bosnia and Iran is the only game with primary tickets still available to have more than 300 currently on the secondary market.

Still, with the relatively large amount of tickets, it is still the third cheapest out of the first round games. The average ticket price for this game is $291.98. Although both teams are relative unknowns to the average soccer fan, these games are always the most exciting. Other matches that still have tickets available through FIFA include Russia and South Korea, which has a secondary market average of $336.32 with 208 tickets left, and Honduras against Switzerland, with an average of $349.62 with 194 tickets left.

Some of the more expensive games with tickets still available include Germany vs. Ghana, both of which are in the "group of death" along with Portugal and the United States. The game has an average price of $355.21, though it is still below the round average. Other games include Greece vs. Ivory Coast, Switzerland vs. Ivory Coast and Italy vs. Uruguay, all of which are important match fixtures to decide who will advance to the knockout rounds and who will have to wait another four years to play.

Every game of the World Cup is filled with pressure and passions from the players and the fans. So the idea that there are still a substantial number of tickets left is a surprising matter to FIFA officials and the head of World Cup management. But there have been other World Cups that have failed to sell out the tournament including 2010's in South Africa and, believe it or not, 1994's in the United States.

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