If Pandora Really Cared About Musicians ...

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Three things got me thinking even more than I normally do about Pandora (P), Internet radio and the dystopia that is the music industrial complex. By the end of this article, I hope to show how these three things relate to one another.


This tweet from Pandora's former Chief Technical Officer Tom Conrad:


This excerpt from Tuesday's What Becomes of Pandora If It Doesn't Get Bought Out:

If Pandora really wanted to do these things (see full article at the link) -- and, via ultimately hollow words, it says it does -- it would realize that it's better off being part of a larger company. Just like the people at Beats Music realize they're better off being part of Apple. Just like the people at Twitter should realize they would be better off as part of Facebook (FB). It's much easier to execute righteous, not very profitable, but cash-intensive missions when you're subsidized by bigger, more financially sound companies.


A Wednesday report from Digital Music News claiming the major record labels are pushing for a Spotify sale where this stood out:

... sources also noted that Spotify's investors are also getting more antsy for a sale, and pushing the agenda towards and initial public offering (IPO), acquisition, or other "liquidity event".

We can logically tie these three things together on Page Two ...

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