E3 Roundup: The Best News From Day 2

LOS ANGELES (TheStreet) -- Following a successful soft launch on Monday with an impressive presentation from Sony (SNE), the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo on Tuesday was a resounding success, as thousands of video game enthusiasts packed the Los Angeles Convention Center for the official kick off of E3.

Despite the hot and humid weather, the major gaming companies, everyone from Electronic Arts (EA) to Ubisoft to Activision (ATVI) to Sega, unveiled their best and brightest products for the coming year, showing them off in impressive style. Though E3 has largely centered around what titles are coming out, that hasn't stopped the major console producers -- Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony -- from occupying multi-level spaces with nearly all their newest offerings up for a tryout by users.

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No stranger to E3, EA brought its powerhouse sports gaming division, EA Sports, to Los Angeles to show off its 2015 lineup. The list includes titles from FIFA, NHL series, and the crown jewel of its new games, EA Sports UFC. ​

The game, touted as one of the best combat sports games of all time, is set to take EA Sports to the next level with its user experience and custom modes of game play. Developed in conjuction with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the game is painstakingly detailed and realistic. Fighters were brought in to capture movements and styles while other details of the combat sports (including the much debated violence) create an almost pay-per-view feel in your console.

While much of this year's E3 highlighted the hardware of the current age, the biggest story is the immense attention paid to actual game content, story and user experience. 

Representatives from EA said the company's popular first person shooter (FPS) game, Titanfall, will include more levels and group play, allowing for a global playing field and experience for the user.

Traditionally gaming companies have relied on developers to build their games, relying on beta testers for feedback, but that may be a thing of the past.

Donovan Duncan, vice president of marketing for PC game developer Curse, said, "The game companies that are allowing for UGC (user generated content), allowing for users to put a piece of themselves in the game, are doing really really well, and for two reasons. No. 1, the game can have way less in terms of staff, cost, expense, time to market, all these important financial things, which are really important. But No. 2, the experience to the user is much better." 

The amount of work going into these games is seemingly mind-boggling, as thousands of man hours are spent on every little detail to get the experience just right. Powerhouse titles such as Bethesda Softworks' Battlecry and Gaijin Entertainment's popular MMO (massively multiplayer online) game War Thunder, bring the "free to play" experience to players instantly, taking them into their respective worlds at the click of a mouse.

Developers of War Thunder  talked about how they painstakingly researched World War II war machinery and aviation, even going as far after the war to 1953 to develop a realistic experience for its players.

Xbox title Gauntlet offers in-game tutorials to better each player as an entirely different character.

Though much of the focus was on newer titles, old favorites continued to dominate the consciousness of a good portion of the crowd, as the titles are reinvented for the 21st century. Perhaps one of the most anticipated games available for preview was Warner Games infamous staple Mortal Kombat X, the newest Mortal Kombat game in almost half a decade.

The notoriously violent yet vividly detailed fighting game has introduced a slew of new characters with detailed backstories to give the player a richer and more personal experience.

Microsoft Studio's new standout title, Forza 2, will provide up-to-date models of some of the world's most valuable and fastest cars giving players a chance to play in a world most will never encounter.  With players able to form car clubs called "1000 Club," users will be given a chance to group race one another.

With sharper graphics, HD-quality picture and some of the most rich game play experience seen in years, E3 has proved so far to be a gateway to the future for gamers and developers.​

-- Written by Chris Ciaccia in San Francisco and Adam Leverone in Los Angeles

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