NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- As far as I am concerned, RadioShack (RSH) is no longer in business. In fact, the U.S. population has basically voiced that same opinion in the last five years, as seen in the complete evaporation of RadioShack's sales, profits, and liquidity. So, if I was a mall owner such as Simon Property Group  (SPG) and Vornado (VNO), or a commercial real estate owner of strip malls, while collecting hard-earned rent from RadioShack, I would be pondering what will go into 4,000 plus closed small electronics stores. Property holders will have a rare opportunity to shape the mall of the future, and serve the local community in new ways by RadioShack officially closing up shop across the country.

Here are three ingenious, realistic suggestions:

3D printing stores: Attention 3D Systems Corp (DDD), it may be time to call a mall owner and gauge their interest on joining forces (as in rent relief is given to this new mall concept) on opening up 3D printing shops. Mall owners should love the opportunity to do this, as 3D printing could be a consistent traffic driver, from construction workers on job sites stopping by for a tool or a doctor picking up weekly supplies of molded test equipment. 3D printing technology must be released from inside the confines of random manufacturer floors and Staples (SPLS). Walmart (WMT) has quietly begun to test 3D printing stations, FYI.

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