Chef Boyardee Announces The Return Of Pop Top Lids On Canned Pastas

Chef Boyardee ®, a brand of ConAgra Foods, Inc. (NYSE: CAG), has announced the return of easy-to-open “pop top” lids on all its canned pasta dishes, a decision made in response to strong feedback from loyal fans. In the spring of 2013, Chef Boyardee phased out pop top lids on its canned pastas, underestimating their popularity among consumers. With many Chef Boyardee enthusiasts clamoring for their return, the decision was made earlier this year to reinstate pop top lids.

“Consumer feedback has always been important to us and our fans spoke loud and clear when we removed pop top lids,” said Mike Buick, Chef Boyardee brand director. “We’re excited to bring these easy open lids back and hope their return gives our fans one more great reason to buy Chef Boyardee.”

To celebrate the return of pop top lids, Chef Boyardee has partnered with the writers at Second City Communications to develop a collection of humorous content for social media. The series pokes fun at the notion of a fringe minority who will be disappointed to see pop top lids return – sword collectors, can opener lobbyists, welders and other individuals who may have enjoyed opening a can of Chef Boyardee using non-traditional means over the past year. The series will debut on Chef Boyardee’s Facebook page and Twitter feed throughout the summer.

Fans can share their enthusiasm for the return of pop top lids during a June 12 Twitter party and throughout the campaign by using the hashtag #poptopsareback. Chef Boyardee will also have a coupon in June 15 newspaper circulars.

The return of pop tops is another milestone in the delicious history of Chef Boyardee. The tradition originally established by Chef Hector Boiardi continues today with quick, convenient options for serving a satisfying pasta dish. Beefaroni, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Ravioli and more are available in easy-to-open cans as well as microwave cups.

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