NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If your investing self is NOT sitting with the slick-haired wealth manager and discussing opportunities to profit from the aging of America, well, then, it's time to wake the heck up. This will be one of the largest investment themes for the next 20 years! Consider these two stats:

  • There are 10,000 babyboomers expected to turn 65 years old every day until 2029.
  • By 2030, all members of the boomer generation will be 65 years old and older, representing 18% of the nation.

When we think of senior citizens, there is still a tendency to envision a wrinkly male or female sitting at home waiting for a family member to call. However, the boomer generation is much more active than generations prior and likely will want to extend their independence for as long as possible. One way to stay active while addressing bodily degradation is by wearing Depend diapers, or just Depend as the brand's owner, Kimberly-Clark (KMB), refers to them these days due to a host of new products. Sales of adult care products for Kimberly-Clark, led by Depend, have been on fire the past year, increasing in the range of a mid to high-single digit percentage stemming from new innovation.

What is this new innovation you ask? Try this stuff on for size ...

Useful brand extensions: Depend is now available in seat and bed protectors. So, in essence, Kimberly-Clark has tapped into the strength of the Depend name to develop a complete sunup-to-sundown product line for consumers.

Friendly marketing: Kimberly-Clark has greatly improved Depend brand marketing, making the product less of an embarrassing purchase for a proud male or female. For example, the Depend bed protectors are referred to as "quiet when sleeping" on the company's website as hey, who wants to wake a partner when urinating between the sheets. Moreover, traditional Depend diapers are being pitched as offering improved comfort and discreetness.

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