Apple Pops, Tesla Drops: Tech Winners & Losers

NEW YORK (TheStreet) Tesla Motors (TSLA) shares fell 0.58% to $203.75 after its annual shareholder meeting yesterday.

At the meeting Tesla Motors, the leader in the electric vehicle market, addressed the issue of cost and battery production as well as future installments in regard to its third-generation car.

"The issue is in order to create a compelling mass market car, we need a lot of battery production, and it needs to be at an affordable price that it doesn't hurt the affordability of the car," CEO Elon Musk said. Musk previously announced the goal to create a car with the cost around $35,000 compared to the $65,000 base price of the Model S.

Along with the change in cost, Musk stated there would be additional software updates for the Model S coming this year, including more customization abilities, as well as improvements in regards to the mapping which would allow cars to anticipate the driver's route.

Google (GOOG) fell 0.03% to $544.766 after launching overnight delivery series to shoppers. 

Competing with eBay and Amazon, the Internet giant expanded its growing Google Shop Express initiative by making overnight shopping available in select cities in the Bay Area. Google is working with household names like Target (TGT) and Walgreens (WAG) as well as local retailers to create the shopping service.

The service was originally launched last year in San Francisco and has since expanded to New York City and West Los Angeles.

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