Why We Give Dads So Little on Fathers Day

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Dads get short shrift on Fathers Day, which is June 15, at least compared with what moms get in love and lucre on Mothers Day.

The digital offers firm RetailMeNot.com says in a survey this week that 86% of Americans buy Mothers Day gifts, compared with 77% who buy Fathers Day gifts, although less than half (48%) of consumers surveyed believe people spend more on Mothers Day gifts than on Fathers Day gifts.

In addition, 20% admitted they are more creative with Mothers Day gifts than those for Fathers Day.

"Our survey found that many dads get the short end of the stick on Fathers Day," says Trae Bodge, senior editor RetailMeNot. Even if there are gifts to be had, he says, "People find dad hard to buy for, often resorting to stale, uninspired gifts like ties and socks,"

Americans spend $14.6 billion on Mothers Day, compared with $9.4 billion for dad on Fathers Day, according to H&R Block data from 2012.

Globally people spend an average of 75% more on Mothers Day than on Father's Day, with the peak for moms being the average $171 people spend in Brazil, where dads rate just $90.

"Our surveys have found that people feel indebted to mom because of everything she has done for us, and likely feel less of an obligation to please dad," Bodge says.

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