3. Predictive text in the iOS keyboard.

BlackBerry (BBRY) is calling and it wants its patents back! Android, too, for that matter. Almost every smartphone has had some version of this, except Apple's. Android has been the best, because it allows you, the user, to install whichever keyboard you want. With Apple, it's been "my way or the highway."

Well, at least now it's a highway. Better late than never.

4. Actionable notifications on the smartphone.

Android introduced this in June 2012. It's great. Welcome to the party, Apple.

5. Browser tabs across devices.

Look in the browser and you'll see all the tabs you've got open -- or perhaps even recently closed -- on all of your devices -- PCs, phones and tablets. I didn't even know Apple lacked this. It's been in Google's Chrome browser for as long as I can remember.

6. Any file you want, in the iCloud!

We all know this one was coming, sooner or later. This would have been old if it had been launched three years ago. Dropbox, Box, Microsoft's (MSFT) OneDrive or Google Drive -- have been doing this for many years already. Yawn.

All of these things mean one thing: Apple continues to count on most Apple users being supremely confident in their isolated silos. For anyone who has done a side-by-side comparison between a Google Nexus smartphone and an iPhone in the last two years, it has been easy to see that Google raced ahead in the smartphone feature game, and at almost half the price.

Fortunately for Apple, its users are squarely in the "hope and change" category of obediently tasting the spoon-fed menu dished out by Apple once a year. Apple says it's the best, with frequent references to "amazing" -- and therefore it must be just that: the best and amazing. The alternative is bad or evil because if it weren't we would be using it already. Have you tried it? No, no need to try it.

If you've talked yourself into living inside the isolated Apple device world, it sure must feel good. You are King. Or Queen. Nevermind that the iPhone market share has dwindled to approximately 15%, while Android is now above 80%.

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