Apple Desperately Copies Google's 2008 Features but Passes on Innovation

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Last week, Eddy Cue, Apple's (AAPL) senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, said at the widely followed Code conference to expect the most impressive product pipeline that he has seen in his quarter-century Apple career. Given the iPhone, iTunes, iPod, iPad and Apple TV in the last 13 years alone, that's setting expectations high.

A quarter century. The biggest thing ever. Cue may as well have said the new product pipeline was the moment when "the rise of the oceans begun to slow, and our planet begun to heal."

Apple's annual developer keynote fell well short of these lofty expectations. Instead, Apple focused on plugging a bunch of feature gaps that Google GOOGL product users have been enjoying for the last 2-8 years. Let's take a look at Apple's greatest hits, Summer 2014:

1. Telephone and SMS on the Mac.

You'll now be able to answer the phone and type SMS on your Mac. Charming. Also, I have been doing this using Google Voice since George W. Bush was president. It's so long ago now that I feel I'm a completely different person. Was it seven years ago? Welcome to the party, Apple.

Actually, I've had these Google Voice features on my Mac since Bush was president. I don't need to buy a Google PC to use them. In contrast, do you think I could use Apple's telephone/SMS system on a Google PC, or even a Windows PC? It wasn't entirely clear from Apple's presentation but it didn't sound like it.

2. Automatically save your photos in the cloud.

You'll now be able to save all of your iPhone and iPad photos in the cloud, automatically -- not just the first 1,000 photos. Android has had this feature for so many years I can't even remember anymore.

In Android's case, you get 15 gig of storage for free. Then it's $10 per month for a terabyte. In Apple's case, you get 5 gig for free and after that you'll pay a lot more than Google users pay for their storage. But this okay, for Apple customers don't comparison-shop. They just drink the Kool-Aid.

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