Microsoft Is a Total Embarrassment

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Microsoft (MSFT) has become an embarrassment. Not that it wasn't already under Steve Ballmer, but Satya Nadella seems determined to imprint that sentiment on Microsoft's consumer-facing grave. He might has well start walking around the Pacific Northwest with a can of spray paint spewing Microsoft's an embarrassment on the sidewalls of every underpass he can find. Don't worry, S, the gangsters won't mind.

It's probably best to bullet point the trajectory of thought I tunnel for the sake of optimal clarity:

  • One -- stop already with the you don't know Microsoft's business ... they're doing this and that in the enterprise argument. That's a loser thesis set to go the way of BlackBerry (BBRY). For companies like Microsoft, BlackBerry and Apple (AAPL), success with the consumer dictates success in the enterprise. If the butt-kicking Apple gave BlackBerry didn't prove that, I don't know what will. Microsoft clearly can't make it with the consumer on hardware. And it's days are numbered with respect to what many of us barely tolerate -- Windows and Office. Once that abusive relationship ends, employees will demand their IT departments get rid of Microsoft enterprise products and replace them with more attractive solutions.
  • Two -- the tech media, followed like sheep by the regurgitators in the financial media, continue to perform a dog and pony show around Nadella and Microsoft. They're so desperate for something exciting in the space they uncritically latched onto Nadella as the second coming of Steve Jobs. So they turned an obvious failure into success when Microsoft put its Office apps in Apple's App Store. Tim Cook's a sharp guy. Even cunning. His welcoming of Microsoft to iOS was a backhanded way of saying We won. You lost. Make no mistake -- Microsoft went all the way into Apple's ecosystem because it failed on hardware and had no other choice. Total failure no matter what anybody tries to tell you.
  • Three -- if Microsoft holds a big event it should be to announce it has decided to exit consumer hardware to focus on the enterprise, not to feebly introduce the third iteration of the failed Surface tablet. The thing's a piece of junk. It has failed. It'll never catch on as a laptop replacement, a tablet replacement, as anything. And Microsoft should know this. It can't even define what Surface is. It's just hoping the "device" catches on somewhere somehow and, when it does (though it won't), that's what it will be. #weak
  • Four -- no, bullet point three did not contradict bullet point one. Here's why ... on Page Two ...

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