To prevent that, it looks as if all three companies are working together to get a deal done. Regulatory hurdles seems likely, Jannarone said, but the deal would be "accretive" to all companies involved. 

Seymour admitted that it was "painful" being long Sina (SINA) but argued the valuation isn't all that bad. 

Google (GOOGL) told the Securities and Exchange Commission that it holds $30 billion in offshore funds for potential M&A activity. Eric Jackson, founder of Ironfire Capital and a columnist for TheStreet, thought Google could buy Spotify, which announced that it now has 10 million paying subscribers, nearly triple that of Pandora (P).

Google has not benefited from China, and could do so by partnering with, but not acquiring, Baidu (BIDU), via an investment. Finally, he said it would make sense for Google to acquire mobile messaging apps such as Line from Japan or Kick from Canada. 

Finerman said Google probably won't do any large foreign acquisitions. The company likely just told the SEC that as an excuse for keeping so much money in foreign funds due to the "bad tax policy" in the U.S.

Between Apple (AAPL) and Google, Seymour was a buyer of Apple. He said the stock is cheaper but admitted it had slower growth. However, he chose Apple because it appears to have a better risk-to-reward setup than Google. 

Kelly was a buyer of Google between the two because Apple seems to have all of its good news already priced into the stock. He added that Google has support near $525. 

Najarian was also a buyer of Apple. He reasoned the company appears to be on the cusp of being "revolutionary" once again.

Finerman loved the earnings report from Tiffany & Co. (TIF) as the company beat on top- and bottom-line estimates, raised guidance and showed growth in each region. The company is "hitting on all cylinders" but the valuation is too expensive for her. 

TIF reported "unreal numbers" for same-store sales, Najarian said. The stock looks likely to trade up to $100. Seymour said he would stick with TIF for the long term. Kelly disagreed, saying the stock may trade up to $100, but looks vulnerable at current levels. 

Nili Gilbert, co-founder and portfolio manager at Matarin Capital, was a guest on the show. While many popular momentum stocks have had a rough time over the past two months, she said the momentum trade is alive and well, investors just need to know where to look. Specifically, she likes Arkansas Best (ARCB) and United Therapeutics (UTHR). Both companies have very efficient operations, reasonable valuations and strong underlying fundamentals. UTHR has an attractive share buyback program, too. 

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