Apple's 7:1 Stock Split: Take a Bite Before June 2

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Sometimes it seems like everything Apple (AAPL) touches turns to gold. After all, Apple has created two of the top 10 best products ever made: the iPhone and the iPad. The iPhone changed the world forever, and it's said to have generated $150 billion in revenue for Apple. Every smartphone and tablet to follow are mere copycats.

But this in itself isn't a big news flash. Apple is always in the news. Everything it does is praised or criticized.

So what's up now?

A stock split, scheduled for June 9. And it may be time to get in first. In April, Apple announced it is planning a 7-to-1 stock split. (The stock is currently trading above $606 a share, which the company views as a bit too high.) The split applies to shareholders who hold shares at the market close as of June 2.

This maneuver will allow more investors to trade the stock.

But I think there may be more going on here.

Every move Apple makes is well thought out, and I suspect that they've got something brewing. Apple is cash rich, and investors know it. Are they releasing a new product? A smart car? A solution to world hunger? Well, maybe not, but the company has a way of surprising us. 

Apple closed at $606.31 on Wednesday, up 0.26% for the day, and at this price only large account holders can trade the stock with any real frequency. Sure, there are people who just want to be part of the cult that trades Apple, so they buy 10 share lots, maybe 20 shares. However, to make a big impact, you'd have to trade 100+ share lots, just like with any stock at this price. A 100 share lot would be $60,000 or more at the current level.

Let's face it -- not all traders are trading $60K on one position. Sure the ROI is the same if you are trading one share or 10,000 -- it's basic mathematics -- but the split will make the stock more accessible and appealing to the masses.

Is this a good thing? I believe it is.

And yet Apple can be volatile.

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