Sozzi: 5 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About a Vespa Scooter

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The financial community is obsessed with colorful charts. If you put together a historical chart on something and infuse it with bright colors, BOOM there go the retweets and Klout-boosting favorites on Twitter. The infatuation with Apple (AAPL) iPad life-to-date unit sales charts is intense, so are the total number of acquisitions made by Google (GOOG) since a given year. Don't get me going on the sexy charts showing how many electric autos Tesla (TSLA) sold in a quarter compared to General Motors (GM) and Ford (F). In reality, I suppose the social love makes the effort of chart compilation worth the hours, no?

Unfortunately, charts can't necessarily be shared during a Memorial Day weekend backyard BBQ discussion, unless you want to be the person that whips out the iPhone 5 (Note: You don't want to ever be this person). Mom or Dad may not get a chart, either. So I tend to focus on gathering stats and fun facts from the companies I talk with for clients and in interviews, filling my head with enough financial trivia that makes me the life of any party.

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The Vespa team was kind enough to share these five fun facts. Godetevi! ("enjoy" in Italian)

  1. 18 million Vespas have been sold across five continents since the brand's launch in 1946.
  2. One tank of gas on a Vespa = 245 miles.
  3. To provide rigidity (which I felt on a test ride through New York City's Central Park), Vespas are made from pressed steel.
  4. Although there is much debate among the Vespa community, the most sought after classic model is the 1958 G5. It represented the start of the Sport category for Vespa.
  5. Fans of Vespas are affectionately known as "Vespisti."

Yes, this is what the inside of a Vespa looks like...

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