Crave Latin Food? Pollo Campero Will Find You

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The U.S. is home to 53 million Latin Americans, accounting for nearly 17% of the country's population. A healthy chunk of them want to eat out.

So if you run a restaurant chain, how do you figure out how to find them, or anyone else with a yen for Latin American cuisines and flavors beyond Taco Bell?

If you are the Pollo Campero chain -- or any other business -- and want to expand further into the U.S., you use data to find out where those customers live.

Pollo Campero, best known for its chicken dishes and the savory blend of citrus and Latin seasoning, is collaborating with Fort Worth, Texas, data firm Buxton to generate detailed and segmented profiles of prospective customers. The customer profiles will guide the restaurant chain's menu offerings, in-house decor and overall brand concept.

Buxton has developed a predictive real estate model that is able to pinpoint the residential locations of Pollo Campero customers right down to the intersection of their local streets. The research insights that have emerged from this initiative will help put Pollo Campero's future franchise locations in the heart of crucial customer segments.

In the last six months alone Pollo Campero has launched five new locations using Buxton's data, according to the company.

Buxton, a recent finalist for 2014 American Business Awards in the Most Innovative Company of the Year, has used its proprietary technologies and data bank to help several established retail and restaurant brands including Planet Fitness and California-based grocery chain Grocery Outlet. 

The company has also accelerated the pace of retail development in communities in a number of states including Tennessee, Texas, Indianapolis and New Hampshire.

A few weeks into the collaboration, Pollo Campero got its own customized real estate model running on Buxton's Scout platform, which was launched last year. Scout is accessible from mobile, tablet and laptop devices and has found high concentrations of potential customers through a site-selection process that utilizes demographic, lifestyle and market data.

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