Why Facebook Should Buy Twitter

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- On Tuesday, TheStreet contributor Richard Saintvilus published an article that nicely sums up some of Twitter's (TWTR) woes:

No one is debating Twitter's popularity. But beyond sending out a tweet, no one has been able to explain the point of doing so. Or for that matter, what happens on the other end ...
Until management figures out ways to turn this utility into a necessity, Twitter will continue to struggle.

The Saint emphasized that management needs to "turn this utility into a necessity" to make it a safe long-term investment. That's an excellent way to put it. As Marissa Mayer is attempting to do with Yahoo! (YHOO) by raising the profile of video and concert streaming, monetization opportunities will come naturally if you're able to differentiate yourself from the pack with a compelling slate of cross-platform, cross-medium information and entertainment consumption options.

TheStreet's Chris Ciaccia pointed out Tuesday that, at these levels Twitter stock might be a better buy than Facebook, particularly for a short-term trade. I won't disagree, but I stand by what I've been saying for over a year -- Facebook Should Buy Twitter. I'm not sure if Facebook's actively thinking about the idea, but the folks with major interests in TWTR ought to be. They should be begging for Facebook to do the same thing it did with Instagram and WhatsApp -- make the purchase and run the platform independently. However, in Twitter's case, it makes all the sense in the world for sales teams to sell them as a package just like programmers do with their suites of cable channels.

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