Microsoft's cloud market share is about twice the size as Google's and the disparity is growing. I believe Google will step up its game but Amazon is most vulnerable than Microsoft.

Simultaneously, Microsoft remains a value long-term buy. The forward price-to-earnings ratio is only 14. Twitter (TWTR) is 130, Amazon is 90 and Google is over 20.

MSFT Revenue (Annual) Chart

At the end of September 2013, Boston's Barry Armstrong invited me to discuss my latest dividend article on WRKO's Financial Exchange. Microsoft has rocketed over 30% higher since. Meanwhile, Apple gained 23%, Google gained 22%, Facebook (FB) gained 17%, Amazon lost 4%, and Twitter lost since its IPO's closing price.

Want a low-cost tablet but don't want Android as an operating system? 8-inch tablets with a Windows 8.1 operating system can be bought for $229 on Microsoft's Web site. Microsoft is making it clear that Google's Chrome will no longer have free rein to poach budget-minded consumers.

Windows Mobile is increasingly becoming free for hardware manufacturers to select from. After supporting Nokia's (NOK) efforts to build a first-rate smartphone, Microsoft is targeting Asian countries to build its ecosystem.

Last month, I wrote that Microsoft is set to crush $50. As the investment thesis becomes more apparent, investors should anticipate the market to correctly price the shares based on the income stream, free cash flow, dividend, and especially its growth prospects.

Microsoft also pays a large dividend, the catalyst for including the company as a dividend stock to own. The yield has retracted some since September as a result of the shares appreciating, but it remains a highly attractive 2.8%. Yes, when it comes to technology stocks, Microsoft reigns as king.

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