'Google vs. Anonymous' Shows Chink in Advertising Armor

Courtesy of Google

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- As an online entrepreneur and the CEO of Learn About The Web, I've been teaching students and companies the ins and outs of online business for years. I'm not easily shocked.

But every once in a long while, a story will come across my desk that blows me away. In my experience, massive stories typically start as a series of small- to medium-sized tremors.

This one, involving Google (GOOGL), qualifies as massive.

Google has one of the most successful advertising networks in the world. The network is primarily composed of a one-two punch called Google Adwords and Google Adsense. Google Adwords allows advertisers to pay for advertising based on certain keywords or groups in an auction style exchange with Google acting as a middle man.

Google Adsense allows online content publishers (Web sites, blogs etc) to accept advertising from advertisers with Google acting as a middle man. This online combination has been tremendously successful for Google for many reasons. 

  • It's a solid and robust platform that has been around for a decade. 
  • They have some of the best publisher payout rates in the industry.
  • They have the most consistent payments for publishers in the industry.

I have been a Google Adsense publisher and advertiser. I have made well over six figures with my online properties as a publishers and can personally attest to the rock solid nature of the program compared to all its competitors.

So when an anonymous "alleged whistleblower" who claims to be a former Google employee came out and made strong accusations against the search engine giant, it hit the Web like a mini nuclear device.

This anonymous source accused Google of banning web publishers from its AdSense advertising system primarily to cut costs and make more money.

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