Drone-sharing is simply the latest dimension in this obsession to record everything that's going on, and sharing it. It could be a premium service on Facebook. Who wouldn't want to have a little insect flying around the neighborhood, spying on their fat neighbors hosing down their truck naked on a Sunday afternoon?

And what better way to view the spectacle than doing it leaned back in your lounge chair wearing Facebook Oculus immersive glasses? Your voyeurism and other perversions could be shared with as many of your Facebook friends as possible, yielding revenue opportunities for both the Oculus owner and Facebook alike.

Thinking one step ahead, once this product becomes popular some time in the next year, there will be a market for defense mechanisms. Think of it as a personal anti-aircraft radar.

The war between the major ecosystems would take on a whole new dimension. Microsoft (MSFT) made a big deal about "Scrooged" -- its view that Google is spying on you, and your emails specifically.

Being threatened by Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft could offer some sort of product detecting the presence of a drone, with or without an actual ability to shoot down the darn thing. Microsoft has a major hardware business these days, and the Kinect product seems a good one to start when it comes to detecting motion in the near airspace.

In Google's case, perhaps the newly acquired Nest team -- coincidentally at a price not too far from the Oculus acquisition -- could invent an improved version of its famed thermostat. Now it will be about not just measuring the temperature in the air, but also detecting a drone in the air.

Facebook's $2 billion Oculus acquisition seemed crazy. With the advent of this new Parrot BeBop drone, it seems like it could have been crazy like a fox.

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