Apple's Next Major Acquisition After Beats

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If Apple (AAPL) stops at Beats I'd be disappointed.

While I'm opposed to a growth by M&A strategy at Apple, that was because the names people kept throwing out -- everybody from Netflix (NFLX) to Yahoo! (YHOO) -- had no rational basis behind them.

But pursuant to the trajectory I tunnel in Monday morning's The Two Most Important Outcomes of the Apple, Beats Deal Nobody's Talking About, we can finally have sensible Apple-related M&A discourse.

Consider Apple emerging as not merely the streaming radio leader, but the pioneer of using music-related data to partner with and help create massive amounts of revenue for itself as well as the music industrial complex. That strategy absolutely has to include the live concert. Because that's where so many acts make their money now. And the surface -- with respect to using data to improve touring and generate cash beyond royalties -- has only been scratched.

Apple and Beats, which includes the super important, but -- as of yet -- only mentioned by me Topspin Media, could go about it in myriad ways. Here I touch on two possibilities.

Small Scale (For Now)

Ticketfly. It was a no-brainer acquisition for Pandora (P), but they dropped the ball. So it makes perfect sense for Apple to step in.

This page tells you much of what you need to know about Ticketfly. But they're a San Francisco-based startup co-founded by the guy who created the old TicketWeb (purchased by Ticketmaster in 2000). That "guy," Andrew Dreskin, sold the first ticket on the Internet in 1995. He joined Ticketmaster for a while after the TicketWeb buyout. Several years after he left, he started Ticketfly.

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