2. Apple Isn't Perfect.

"Many think Apple doesn't ever fail with their products," said Gold. "There are lots of examples, some relatively recently, of Apple having limited success in building products."

Before Jobs returned to the company, Apple was in disarray, and was seemingly trying to produce every piece of consumer electronics out there, including cameras. In the early 1990s, Apple launched QuickTake, a digital camera.

The digital camera market was still very early, and the QuickTake had no zoom, focus, the range was tiny and the storage was next to nothing, allowing users to store just 8 pictures. It was a disaster.
Other failures include the Apple III, after the incredibly successful Apple II, Apple Pippin (Apple's disastrous entry into the video game market), Mac OS9 (funny how Apple has been on OS X seemingly forever, right?), as well as Apple's first (and maybe not last?) foray into the television market, the Macintosh TV.

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