3. Apple technology isn't all that original.

While the public generally thinks of Apple as having invented markets, be it smartphones, MP3 players, or tablets, that's not true. Apple enters markets where there are already competitors, struggling to figure out what the end consumer wants, and gives that to them.

"Everyone thinks Apple invents all their own tech, but in reality they 'borrow' quite a bit of it from others," said J.Gold Associates founder and principal analyst Jack Gold.

For example, voice command has been done for years by others, particularly IBM (IBM) and Nuance. However, with Apple's purchase of Siri in 2010, it brought the personal voice assistant to the forefront. Now, Google (GOOGL) has its own offering, as does Microsoft (MSFT) with its Cortan. Apple bought Siri. The company made Siri better, but voice command and search is not a new concept.

Furthermore, the iPhone was not the first smartphone, the BlackBerry was. However, it was the first to offer touchscreen in a way that was easy for users to use, and combined the Internet with a music player. Apple is now credited as having revolutionized the category.

The now defunct Handspring was the pioneer of smartphone touch interface technology using Palm OS, the first instance of a phone that had touch with email, calendar and other personal information manager capabilities.

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