Tim Cook Is a Stinking Genius If Apple Buys Beats

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Nobody can seem to figure out why Apple (AAPL) would buy Beats, which reinforces two things that have been obvious for a while:

  • Nobody understands Apple; and
  • Nobody understands the value of music.

Because we should never deal in absolutes, "nobody" is a poor word choice. So let's just say a lot of people don't understand Apple or the value of music.

Ever since Steve Jobs blew our minds with the iPod, we have seen one end of Apple's trademark white earbuds connected to the device (which morphed into an iPhone) and the other two-pronged end slithered through sleeves, coats and hoodies into people's ears. It's a sure sign of warm weather when these connections aren't quite so concealed -- iPhone in hand with white cord dangling in front of a t-shirt or sheer blouse up to your free and easy wax collectors.

What have people been doing in this pose for the last seven or so years? Listening to music. So you have Apple buying a company that makes stylish high-quality headphones, including earbuds, and runs a struggling on-demand steaming music service. Speaking of struggling ... Apple's struggling in a world where downloads (we might as well now just say) have gone the way of the CD. So they need to ensure that millions of people continue to do what has become ubiquitous -- listen to music via Apple devices -- be it iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Pure obviousness that's lost on the puzzled and confused.

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