Has Best Buy Been Hacked? (UPDATED)

**UPDATE: Wanted to keep this update on top to ensure you see it.

A director at Best Buy contacted me and put me in touch with a senior person in the company's security department. Somebody apparently got a hold of my password and continued to attempt to make fraudulent purchases. We reset my account and the problem is resolved. BBY handled this process incredibly well, however, as I explained to the Best Buy director, the issue was how the situation was treated by customer service representatives -- without empathy or urgency. He agreed and passed the feedback onto the person who runs that team. Score one for Best Buy here ... once escalated they did a quick and efficient job of explaining and remedying the situation. They just need to do a better job at the frontline of making sure fraudulent purchases do not go through in the first place and that customer service reps leave consumers confident, not confused. 

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I woke up this morning to discover that somebody made an (apparently) fraudulent purchase on my Best Buy (BBY) credit card serviced by Citigroup (C).

Here are the first two emails I received:

I phoned Citi. They cancelled my account and removed the fraudulent charge. However, the woman on the phone was more interested in making sure she issued me a new card than she was discussing the security breach, how it could have happened and what would be done. In fact, short of making sure they sent the new card to the right address, Citi/Best Buy appeared to have no interest chatting with me. As if I was being unreasonable to want details on the hack.

A few hours later I received this email:

Maybe it was automated. I don't know. Either way, nice work Best Buy! I recall when a fraudster attempted to use my debit card at a CVS (CVS) store in Texas. My bank did not approve the charge and had corrective actions rolling before I even called to inquire. I'd be silly to expect the same from anything Best Buy's associated with. 

Given recent events with Target (TGT) and such, here's hoping I'm the only one who was impacted. 

But wait, there's more! See Page Two ... as the fraudulent purchases inside my "My Best Buy" account just keep on coming. 

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